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Hello, Merhaba!

Once upon a time in 90’s Ankara, being culturally rich was the first condition to be respected. And music has always been the most important element of our culture. I started to make mixtapes when I was 7, and it was my typical gift to my friends and my family members. Since then I’m searching a spirit in music and my mixes are independent from genre borders. I grew up being enriched with Turkish Art and Folk Music, Anatolian and International Rock, Latin, Classical and for sure Pop Music. You could find many different kinds of live music concerts on those days in Ankara. Then when I was in the university, to my music collection I added Melodic Metal but at the same time Arabesque and we had our first rock band, I was the vocalist and bass guitar player. Meanwhile Istanbul was calling me, to join the big city life.

Istanbul…. The dream city where I was reborn in that wonderful chaos and unique spirit. The city that connects two continents… The city where I discovered the Electronic Music Scene and Club Culture. At that time, I worked as a Spanish interpreter, and in some other jobs like textile, consulting, etc. Even being quite successful I’ve quitted all and turned to music that makes me really happy. With a lot of training and the support of my maestro, Dj Mert Levent I was soon offered residency by one of the top clubs of Turkey ‘‘36O Istanbul’’. And then one day love was calling me, I said ‘‘Yes, I do!’’ and moved to Munich, Germany.

Since 2013, I live happily in Munich and play Gigs like:

  • Corporate events (company, trade fair, etc.)
  • Fashion events and shop openings (Vogue Fashion Night Out, Longchamp, Swarovski, CGN Libertin, etc.)
  • Club Events (Soho House Club Istanbul, P1 Munich, etc.)
  • Private celebrations (New Year & Christmas celebrations, weddings, birthdays, etc.)

I like to create a nice, positive and peaceful atmosphere with my music expressing all the colors of my life experience in a complete harmony. That’s why I would describe myself as a versatile performer. Rocking in between genres, my sets are adorned with etnique & chilling beats, disco grooves, electro swing, vocal house, deep & techno vibes, oldies, r&b.

For some time also I participated in an internet Tv-Start Up with some nice music interviews from which you can get an impression and watch under the title ‘‘MusicTV Project’’.

That’s all Folks, with Love & Light

-Dj Funshine-

Music-TV Project